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The Jaguar E-Type has long been seen as one of the most beautiful offerings of Jaguar, or any automaker of the period. This 1961 Jaguard E-Type, chassis number 875246 rolled off the assembly line on July 18, 1961, the 246th ever produced during the first production year for the iconic sports car. Featuring a 265hp inline six engine, 4 wheel disc brakes, and a gorgeous British Racing Green over biscuit Connolly leather color scheme, this car was completely restored to a like-new condition from 2001-2003. Originally sold to a west coast doctor in 1961, it was sold the father of the current owner in 1963, where it has remained until today. Between 1963 and 2014, it had logged an astonishingly high estimate of 300,000 miles as a daily driver.

In person, this car is a show-stopper. The lines of the E-Type cannot even be debated as classic, and this car will remain a high point in automotive history for years and years to come. It still runs perfectly, humming happily along as we tooled around looking for shoot locations. Everything about the car is pristine, from the deep paint to the supple leather interior, which is an exercise in simplicity and function. You could feel the connection that the current owner had with this car, with it having been in her family for some 51 years. With all the mint low mileage versions of this and many other priceless vehicles out there, I am always so happy to see cars like this 300,000 miles ’61 Jag that have been used for their intended purpose, driving pleasure. It was definitely an honor to spend an afternoon with this car.  This 1961 Jaguar E-Type sold last month at Scottsdale for $275,000.

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