Adam and Whitney have been a really fun couple to work with so far. After our first meeting at a wine bar, we ended up at an exclusive lounge surrounded by exotic cars and foot-long cigars! Adam also owns his own business, Alpha Media House, which specializes in online marketing and web design. They are both a very creative couple, and Adam really showed this with his method of proposing to Whitney. Check out the video below, if you’d like!


After hanging out with them and watching their proposal video, I knew their set was going to have to be something special to match. We met at Brazos Bend Park on an overcast day with their pup Drake in tow. He was all revved up, thinking that since Adam was packing the duck decoys, shotgun and camo, it was hunting time! He was eager to show off his newly learned tricks, holding a hand-made sign in his mouth for photos, and heeling closely to Adam when called. It was quiet at the park that day, and we pretty much had the whole area to ourselves. So we just walked around looking for nice locations, stopping to shoot when we found one. To help add a little warm “pop” to the images, I used an orange gel on my speedlight head, popped through an umbrella for some of these shots. It did a great job of keeping things nice and warm! The whole time, Ashleigh and I chatted away with Adam and Whitney, who were especially easy and relaxed while I was shooting. As always, when there’s real chemistry between the couple, it makes shooting a breeze.

We wanted to wrap up the set in Brazos Bend’s legendary fields, but it began to slowly sprinkle as we drove back to them. Undaunted, we waited for a slight break in the weather and ran out into the fields for a few last-minute shots. After a few really nice ones, we decided to get out of the weather and schedule a quick “do-over” that week right at sunset to complete the set just the way we wanted.

Come the day of the “do-over” and we all met up in the Cypress area to hunt for a spot. We were fruitless for an unnerving amount of time until I got the  call from Adam that Whitney had spotted a potential location as they passed by it on 290. We met up there, and it actually looked to be perfect! In the photos you’d be hard pressed to guess that there were cars on the freeway buzzing past us less than 200 yards away. The sun set beautifully to the west, lighting up everything with a nice golden color – we finally had our sunset! We made the most of it, playing around with different poses, outfits and ideas. Adam and Whitney expressed some of the shots they want – something I always find truly helpful. That way, I know what I’m capturing is EXACTLY what the couple is looking for! With the sun slowly fading, we got some awesome shots next to a pond, with Whitney holding Adam’s shotgun, while he was out in the water surrounded by decoys. One of the more unique engagement shots I have, and I love it! Both sessions were able to produce some great images, and I think they display Adam and Whitney’s personalities perfectly.

Congrats you two. On to the photos!