I’ve had such a great time working with Beth and Krys since we first met up to go over their wedding details, nearly a year ago. I knew instantly that our creative tastes and our mutual desire to capture small details were going to mesh perfectly. We started off their photos with a bang with their College Station engagement on the Texas A&M campus, which is still one of my favorite engagement sets to date. Beth and Krys were so natural the whole time, all I had to do was point the camera at them and record it! I also got to know their pup Lexie, who was always extremely well behaved, and more than happy to accept treats for her good behavior. Beth’s bridal set at Sam Houston Park and the Arboretum was equally as good, which built up my anticipation for their wedding even more. And finally, come mid March, the day arrived!


Vendor information:

Venue- Ashelynn Manor
Dress- Winnie Couture
Shoes- Neiman Marcus
Veil- David’s Bridal
Makeup- Charmed by Tonya
DJ- Ashelynn Manor
Flowers- Flora Bella designs
Food- Ashelynn Manor
Cake- Lisa Barcelona

Ashelynn Manor is a wonderful place to shoot, with beautiful natural scenery and great Southern details. I had a blast shooting there!


Suffering the loss of a very close friend, just days before the wedding, Beth and her bridesmaids chose to honor her with a single red rose in each of their bouquets.



A great moment as Beth reads a note from Krys with her bridesmaids in the background. Afterward, Krys’ mom read a note given to her from Beth.

The beautiful spiraled staircase at Ashelynn Manor,

The Groom’s Cottage, tucked away on the other side of the lot.

The guys were already in full swing when I arrived, all having some liquid courage (in the form of Johnnie Walker Blue)

Krys, making the GQ thing look easy!

Reading Beth’s note to him just before walking into the chapel

It’s that time!

Happy to finally have this shot! Thanks so much to Beth, Krys and the guests for making it happen!


Bridal party shots in front of the chapel following the ceremony

The “OMG” ring shot below…thanks for really selling the shot, guys!

Beautiful shots of Beth on the chapel steps. I loved her dress!

The jumping shot took MANY takes, but we got it, haha!

On to the reception, complete with wonderful details hand picked by the couple and graciously set up by their family and friends.

Great moment during the toasts…hopefully Krys was able to live this one down!




Congratulations to Beth and Krys! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with. I hope for nothing but the best for you two!