It was so great to have a brief session with little Tinley recently. She is still so small – almost three months old at the time of photos, but seemed to enjoy the session! While we were outside with her in the grass, the warm Houston summer air seemed to keep her nice and sleepy, allowing us a little time for some great shots. My favorite though, were when we went back inside to pack up and end the session. I noticed Thomas, Tinley’s dad, holding her in the soft window light and realized it was a great opportunity for a few more photos. The shots of the three of them together in the warm light are some of my favorites – great moments! read more

One of the best things about my job is being able to keep in touch with couples I worked with as their family begins and grows. Since  their beautiful wedding in October of 2012 and their maternity session at home late last year, a lot has changed. Little Stephen III (or SBIII, for short) has been born and is growing like crazy! We met up with him, mom and dad at their house in the Heights for their session earlier this month. Stephen was all smiles, hamming it up for the camera nearly the entire time. It’s so great to see his personality blooming and becoming more and more unique. He’s getting very close to standing on his own, so walking will not be too far behind. I’m excited to watch the little guy grow bigger and bigger, and can’t wait for the next session with him! read more

It had been a little while since my last studio session with Teddy, so I was excited to get the call from his parents about setting up another session for the little guy! Well, as I found out upon meeting them at Sam Houston Park, he’s not so little anymore! He’s now running around as fast as his legs can take him and talking up a storm. It’s so cool to see his personality take shape more and more each time we see each other.

This time he brought a few of his favorites, a harmonica, his favorite pink shirt, and of course, lollipops. For the most part, I elected to let him show me all his new things and just be himself. He is so great in front of the camera, a real natural! After wondering what I was looking at after each shot, he asked to see the camera and was surprised to see himself on it. After that, he requested to see the camera after most photos so that he could check himself out. It was all great fun! read more

It seems not long ago that Stephen & Meghan were married under the starts at All Saints Catholic Church in the Heights. I had seen a little notification among all the other stories on Facebook that they were expecting a few months back, and was excited when I got an email from Stephen about setting up a maternity session for the (soon to be) three of them.

They wanted a few shots of their new nursery with the set, so I decided that starting the set at their house would be a great idea. They elected to not know the baby’s gender until birth, so they designed their nursery with soft, light, neutral colors that are great for either a boy or a girl. Beautiful natural light pours in through the two windows, creating such a peaceful environment that I was ready to take a nap! We used the nice, soft light for some great shots, then moved to a nearby park. We snuck the set in just in time, seeing as Meghan is due in just a few short weeks! read more

The McGinnis family met with me at the studio last week, where I was finally able to meet little Milo for the first time. We had a great time shooting, and I quickly learned his philosophy that Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Dog Song” was awesome, every inanimate object deserves to be tasted at least once, and never sit down when you can crawl! We got some really good shots in the session, and I can’t wait to meet with little Milo again for another set as he continues to get bigger!

  read more

It seems like a few short weeks ago that we met up with Trevor, Kate and little Theodore at Hermann Park for his first session, but I recently got a call from Kate saying that it was time for the second session already! We decided that for this set, we’d like the clean, pristine environment of the studio. So we met up on the day of the shoot with lots of toys, books, snacks and props in hand, ready to go! Little Teddy has grown up quite a bit since I’d last seen him, and was now running around everywhere in his little boots, inspecting all corners of the studio, and letting his mom know that after the shoot, he was planning a trip to the park. read more

I was contacted by Kate a few weeks ago about setting up a session for her new baby. She had seen my photos of her neighbors, Stephen & Meghan and had been looking for a photographer, which worked out perfectly! I have not yet had the chance to shoot a newborn/baby session, and I was very excited to have another challenging aspect of photography to take on.  It became even better when I was told that the new baby’s name was Theo (Theodore) – it seemed like a perfect match from the get go! We arranged a date and time to meet at Hermann Park, and arrived on that day an hour or so before sunset to begin shooting. Once we arrived, Kate’s husband Trevor and I immediately exchanged quizzical “Do I know you?” glances. It turns out that Trevor and I had been next door neighbors when we were both growing up, and we regularly participated in Super Soaker wars and Halloween candy runs together. It was another really funny coincidence, one more to add to the list! read more