I met up with @zaccuair earlier last month to shoot his absolutely sinister bagged Audi A7 for Ferrada wheels. The A7 looked great sitting low on their 20″ matte black FR4 wheels. Enjoy!

After a two month absence from Vintage Park, Houston Coffee & Cars returned this past Saturday to resume the monthly event. After a very brief rest from the 4th of July festivities, I got on the road to Vintage Park around 5:50am in order to get there as the sun was rising. Got there just in time and was treated to perfectly soft light as the cars began to roll in. The lots weren’t as crowded as they normally are, thanks to the 2 month break, so it was nice to be able to wander around and look at cars without a huge crowd. While there, I learned more about the upcoming Lamborghini Festival (September 13-14, 2014) and a few plans for upcoming C&C shows. All I can say is that there is some impressive machinery scheduled, so be sure to make it out the next few months! read more

The Audi R8 has always been my dream car. I love that it is one of the more “understated” supercars, not needing neon paint and flashy gimmicks to rake in attention. It could truly be an “everyday supercar” should you desire one. I was excited when Audi unveiled the V10 version, borrowing the Gallardo’s shrieking V10 for their own. The exhaust tuning makes for a different, but equally stimulating experience, as you can hear below in one of my most favorite commercials ever: read more