I was so pumped to get to hang out with Teddy again! It had been exactly a year since we had our last session, and it was so great to catch up. He is such a funny kid, with awesome stories and jokes. It has been so cool to be a part of him growing up, which you can see in their previous sessions here, here, and here. Can’t wait until we can hang out again, Teddy!

I was so happy to get a break in the seemingly endless dreary, rainy weather that we’ve been having lately to shoot Elizabeth’s family session at the Houston Policeman’s Memorial near downtown! The weather broke, if only for a day or two, giving way to mild temperatures and perfect, warm light. We took full advantage during the session, getting some great shots of the family, as well as Elizabeth’s sister Sarah’s cap and gown shots for her graduation (congrats, Sarah!). Thanks so much guys, and I hope you love the photos! read more

Your face is the leading image of your business, and a solid set of portraits is one of the best ways to ensure that you are leading with your best foot (or face, rather) forward. Mr. Jawanmardi, a local Houston immigration lawyer contacted me last week about setting up a portrait session in his office so that he could have some updated images for his soon to be released website.

The first image below shows the setup used for this session. A green screen was used so that we can change the background on a whim, based upon what ends up being most suitable for the new website. read more

Apr 20, 2011

Having become accustomed to shooting cars for the past few months, I decided to mix it up a bit the weekend before last and try some portraits out. I had been trolling the “People” section of various forums, gathering styles, ideas and tips from all of the shooters whose work I admired. I enlisted the help of my lovely girlfriend, who beyond being completely dedicated to watching America’s Next Top Model on an almost nightly basis, has no experience modeling whatsoever. Brave girl! read more