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Aug 14, 2017

costa rica photographer

So, I let you guys know in my last post what pieces I brought from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. It’s always fun to pick up a couple new pieces for a trip, but I try and bring myself back to reality and realize I do not need to wear something NEW every day. Below are some pieces I have bought over the past year or so from one of my favorite online retailers, Lulu’  (use link with code TAKE15 for $15 off)

  1. Rose gold flip-flops– At $15 these flip flops were a no brainer. It’s really nice to bring a slim inexpensive shoe for pool side, beach days, and just walking around your rental/hotel.
  2. Blue striped romper- I ended up picking this cute romper up for $17! One of my favorite things about online shopping it how easy it is to shop the sale section.
  3. Black floral midi dress– This dress is a must have for summer vacation. It’s lightweight fabric makes it great for day. It’s trendy midi length and sexy neckline make it perfect for night. That rockin’ combo makes this dress a day to night piece that’s essential for packing in a carry on.
  4. Black lace bralette– A great bralette is essential to any vacation. I love to wear my on the airplane for maximum comfort, under a cute tank for some lacey detail, and as nightwear to sex it up a bit. Side note for women with C-cup or larger: This particular bralette is great since it has a thicker band underneath and a halter style neckline.
  5. Black turtleneck top– This is one of  my favorite pieces in my closet. You can wear it with pretty much any bottom you choose! I’ve worn it with boyfriend jeans, chino shorts, and a pencil skirt! With that much versatility, I know it was a must for this trip.


Oldie but goodie items that made the cut for the trip include:

  1. Boyfriend jeans– It took me awhile to get on the boyfriend jean trend, but now I am a huge fan. They look great paired with a casual tee and sneakers, or a sexy top and heels.
  2. Cut-off jean shorts– Denim shorts are just quintessential Americana style! With temperatures soaring in the 90’s during our trip, I’ll be wearing these on our day excursions and with swim suit tops on our beach days!
  3. Plum drapey camisole– A nice drapey camisole in a lightweight fabric can be worn so many different ways. I’ll be pairing it with athletic leggings, high-waited skirts, and my denim cut offs!
  4. Denim striped skirt– This skirt was a unique find at Forever 21. I constantly get compliments and asked where I got it from. The feminine silhouette with the casual denim material make it a great option for almost any event!
  5. Denim vest– You may be noticing a denim theme here! It’s just say easy to wear and holds up well while traveling. Another bonus for this denim vest is it has pockets! I love to wear it over sun dresses and rompers, so I have somewhere to put my phone, sunnies, or lip gloss.
  6. Black wedges– I know a lot of women swear by there heels, but when you’re traveling with only a carry on your footwear really has to be practical. That’s why I landed at a pair of black wedges. Go for a minimalistic style that still has a dressy look but the wedge (or you could do a block heel) that offers stability on those pesky cobblestone streets!

Since these older purchases, I don’t have direct links but here are some close examples I found: read more

It just happened to be perfect timing that we acquired a drone, the DJI Phantom 3, right before heading off to New Mexico. What a place to test it out! The scenery in and around Santa Fe never disappoints, and we had a great time flying the little drone around the amazing landscapes. Hope you enjoy the footage, make sure to watch in 4k!

I always have fun shooting with the Young Money Motors team, so I was excited when they reached out to me about a new opportunity they had in New Orleans. They had just recently finished a custom job on a Ferrari F430 for Marcell Dareus of the Buffalo Bills and wanted me to come out and shoot it on location in New Orleans with Felecia, a model that they’d hired. I’m always looking for an excuse to head to New Orleans, so when the date came around, we hit the road!

There was a car show going on the day of the shoot, and we were able to use the location to our advantage. It was in an area of town surrounded by abandoned projects, and the current owner of the property allowed artists to come in and paint on all the surfaces of the remaining buildings. While most of the area was already taken by other cars when we arrived, we found an area underneath a tree with tires hanging from it that worked nicely. read more

Austin Weekend

This past weekend, some friends and I took some time off to all meet in Austin at a beautiful lake house to do absolutely nothing. And it was just as good as I expected it to be! We had big plans of going out for nights on the town and big dinners, but the view was so good and the weather was so perfect that we ended up mostly staying at the house and just relaxing. I always kick myself for not bringing the camera along on casual vacations, so I decided that this time was going to be different. While I didn’t shoot that much over the course of the weekend, the few shots I got definitely warrant my bringing the camera along. It’s great to have some photos to remember how great everything was, and also fun to shoot just for the heck of it every once and a while. read more

Sep 12, 2012

Cape Cod is a pretty amazing place. I had been only once before, when I was around 10 or 11, so I was very excited to be able to go back. Ashleigh and I were meeting my mom and other family up at a beach house in Providence only one street from the water. With my D7000 backup camera and 85mm 1.8/16-35 f4 packed, we hit the road, going from Houston to Cleveland and finally up to Providence. From there we rented a car and drove the 2.5 hours up the coastline all the way into Provincetown, which is nestled right at the tip of Massachusetts as it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. The food, weather, and scenery were all incredible, and it was pretty easy to take some great photos there! Surprising even myself, I woke up around 6am each day to drive out to get sunrise shots near Race Point Beach or Herring Cove. Although it was tough waking up earlier than normal for vacation, the results were definitely worth it. read more

It all started with a call on the afternoon of June 26th. They had a last minute shoot in Fort Worth which included three exotic cars and asked if I could make the trip the very next day to photograph the cars. I was hesitant at first since I had a pretty full plate going into that weekend – an engagement session, two weddings and a bridal. But when the set list was sent over, my mind was made up for me. The cars that they’d listed were a 1991 Ferrari F40, a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Coupe and a 1954 Hudson Italia. I HAD to make time for names like these. I accepted the gig, and got to booking a hotel and rental car for the trip to Dallas in 24 hours. read more

Beth, Krys, Lexie, my girlfriend Ashleigh and I all headed out to College Station on a warm Sunday afternoon for their engagement set on and around the campus of Texas A&M University. It was exciting to try a completely different location that I was only vaguely familiar with, having only been there a few times to visit friends while in college. We met up at the Dixie Chicken to begin shooting at Bottlecap Alley. As we began to shoot, Krys’ sister who is currently at school at Texas A&M gave me a brief history of bottlecap alley and its significance. Having gone to a school where there wasn’t too much tradition, it was great to hear all the great stories that A&M has deeply ingrained into their students. read more

Dec 13, 2011

After the late mornings and even later nights of Barcelona, we were ready to head back to Paris for our final leg of the journey. Going back to meet up with my family once again before we left, we checked back into the Hotel Mayet for our short stay.

Paris was noteably warmer than we had left it, and we were able to walk around in light sweaters instead of heavy layers of jackets. The fog and rain had also moved on, replaced by perfect skies, very tall with streaked clouds.

Since the Louvre was closed on our first try of the trip, we decided to give it another go. The line wasn’t bad at all, and we spend a few hours wandering through the huge halls of the Louvre, nearly every vertical suface adorned with priceless artwork. read more

Dec 07, 2011

From Rome, it was a quick hour and a half flight over to Barcelona, and a 45 minute bus ride into town. Barcelona was strikingly different after being in the craziness of Rome. The city was much more modern and refined, with smoothly paved streets with central biking lanes. Everyone as a whole looked much more fit and the city seemed to be well taken care of. 

Public transportation was great once again, so we were able to get to everything relatively easily. Our first stop was La Sagrada Familia, which is pretty much indescribable. Rising out of the ground like a kid’s mud castle at the beach, it takes on organic forms and almost looks like it is alive. Inside, the support pillars look like trees branching off into space to hold the ceiling up, and the stained glass bathes everything in warm orange, red and lime green light.  read more