We are so excited to finally be able to share Chandra and Quentin’s beautifully intimate wedding at Avant Garden in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston! Their October engagement session at Brazos Bend was absolutely beautiful, but their wedding day easily topped it. We loved the small, intimate ceremony at Avant Garden, full of special moments between family and friends. We love these images so much, we hope you enjoy their big day as much as we did!

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Mel and Maureen are two warm, genuine people. You can feel it in the way that they speak to and treat others, as well as each other. Mel has a quick smile that is contagious, and Maureen has a quiet calmness that makes her a pleasure to be around. I couldn’t wait to cover their nuptials after hearing that it would be a traditional Buddhist ceremony at the beautiful Avant Garden located in the artsy Montrose district here in Houston.

As expected, the ceremony was vastly different from anything I’ve covered before, which was very exciting. There were moments of chanting, special messages delivered by family and friends, and blessings brought forth by the couple. Being an intimate witness to a totally different culture’s  ways is something that makes my job truly special, and I can only hope that more like this will come my way! read more