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We had such a great time with these two (and their pup Bowen) at Brazos Bend for their engagement session! The park delivered with its always-perfect light, as we followed Bowen and his ball around the spanish moss shrouded trees and wide open fields. We can’t wait for their big day, coming up this September!

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What an amazing session! We always love it when other members of the family get to come on our sessions, and you can see why with Romeo and Luna. A full afternoon of perfect light sure doesn’t hurt either…

Enjoy the images, and congrats to Nora and Albert!

We had a great time at Brazos Bend park with Matt and Jacklyn. They are so much fun to be around, their happiness is infectious!

We can’t wait for their big day, coming in May of 2016!

Here are some favorites from a mini-session at Brazos Bend State Park with our good friends Alison and Shawn. They are expecting little Caleb’s arrival in less than a month – we are so excited for you both!

With ominous storm clouds brewing as we drove out to Brazos Bend, we were all worried that the engagement set was going to be in jeopardy that day. But it turns out that the skies were on JD and Deana’s side, and we got some awesome photos out there! Somehow, amazingly, they both escaped without being eaten alive by chiggers in the tall grass, despite having no bug spray on. As for me, I didn’t take any chances and bathed in the stuff! A few days later, we wrapped up the set at Hermann Park, where these North Texas transplants hadn’t yet been. We met on a Tuesday, so we had the park nearly to ourselves, save the crowd gathering on the hill for a live show at the theater that night. I couldn’t be happier with the photos, and I cant wait for their December wedding! Congratulations, you guys! read more

Summer has brought on a flurry of activity, and it’s been great getting out there to stretch my creative “legs” a bit – especially so on this set with Macy and Kyle! Kyle owns his own video production studio, which is something I’ve always been interested in but never fully grasped. It’s something that I would love to try eventually, as it seems like a lot of fun. We met a few hours before sunset, giving us ample time to wander around and look for cool scenery – of which there was plenty. Darting around from one shaded area to another to avoid the oppressive heat, we got some great shots among the trees, which were shrouded nearly completely in Spanish moss. read more

Now that Lori and Roberto have tied the knot, I can finally post up the images from her amazing bridal session! After getting to know Lori a bit, it seems like we have very similar tastes in photography, which I was very happy to learn, seeing as how her now husband is a photographer. She wanted a natural, rustic bridal set with just a hint of vintage flair tossed in for fun. She set out on the hunt for a cool chair that we could bring to the set, along with some old, weathered luggage that would fit the surroundings well. read more

I met with Jeremy and Kayte at Brazos Bend State Park hoping for another great set, and both the couple and the location really delivered! Chemistry is something that the camera can’t fake, and Kayte and Jeremy have chemistry in spades. They are so natural together, it made shooting a breeze – I just had to point the camera and shoot!

Pamela and little Jordan came along too, along with their pup Scarlett. Jordan was a character, keeping things lively throughout the entire set, and even coming out into the field with us to shoot! With the warm sun dipping below the treeline, we were able to get some amazing natural light across the tall grassy fields – I love the warm, dreamy effect it gave to the photos. I was also able to capture images of Kayte’s tattoo, which commemorates those that won’t be there for their wedding in June. It was an honor to be trusted with something so meaningful, and it means a lot to be able to capture these memories for Katye, Jeremy and their families. read more