Tony and Christine’s wedding day was absolutely action-packed. With these two and their group of friends and family, it was guaranteed to be a great time. Starting with their unforgettable engagement session in Colorado, these two have really gone above and beyond to make their images special. I’m so happy to finally share the photos from your big day with you both, congratulations again!

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Ethan and Neeta Cover

Ethan and Neeta have been a very special couple to work with. Their cultures are different from one another’s, yet at their wedding, they melded perfectly in a spectacular show of color, love, and emotion. Their positive demeanor¬†is contagious, as witnessed by the smiles, bear hugs and meandering stories by friends and family alike. Spending time with Neeta and her bridesmaids in the quiet respite of the hotel suite, soft golden sunlight pouring in through the sheer curtains is a vivid memory that I’ll remember for some time. I couldn’t be happier for these two, they deserve nothing but the best from their new life, which they share together. Congrats again to Ethan and Neeta! read more