I’ve been wanting to try something different for a while now. Something out of my comfort zone that would be fresh and exciting. As almost if he read my mind, I was contacted by these two who were interested in doing a themed set together just for fun, with their Factory Five MK4 Roadster (Shelby Cobra replica). Both being fans of James Bond and James Dean, they wanted the set to have a classic, nostalgic feel to it, which I was incredibly excited about. It’s not every day that an idea like this is presented, so I jumped on the opportunity, going over some ideas with the couple over drinks a few weeks before the session. Safe to say after that, I might have been more excited than they were about the set!

The day of the shoot was perfect, with a break in the rainy wintry weather offering a soft covering of clouds and balmy temperatures. We started out at a location near downtown that I’m pretty familiar with and thought was suitable for a seedy, grungy feel to the photos. The couple came dressed the part, which made the photos so much more authentic. We all got into character pretty quickly and started snapping away, tossing ideas back and forth as we went along. After spending an hour or so at this location we packed everything up and began the drive about 45 minutes south to a location I’d sourced earlier that week. I wanted open fields with nothing around to get a bit of a “lonely drive” feel to the set, and the location ended up working perfectly. Once there, the couple changed into more formal outfits to complete the James Bond side of the set. We got some great “hero” shots of them against an amazing sunset, wrapping up one of the most fun, challenging, and creative sets I’ve done in some time. I am thrilled with the effort put forth by the couple in their preparation for the set, and the results really reflect that. I can only hope that more opportunities like this one come my way in 2014!

After a quick video of the ridiculous exhaust note of the Cobra, on to the photos!