Maggie and Chris’ relationship started off as a workplace romance. Maggie’s caught Chris’ eye and heĀ knew he had to meet her. She worked in a different department, so it took some plotting to come up with excuses to talk to her. Eventually, he mustered up the courage and asked her out for pizza. The rest is history and now they will have a “pizza” each other’s hearts for the rest of their lives. Like what I did there? šŸ˜‰

We wanted to highlight Maggie and Chris’ love for Houston and pizza so we planned a fun engagement session including Houston’s revitalized downtown, an iconicĀ Houston pizza spot, Frank’s Pizza, (if you haven’t been there at 2 AM are you really a Houstonian?), and a highrise roof top for some gorgeous skyline shots.

We can’t wait for their wedding this coming February at one of the historic buildings in Sam Houston Park!