What a great trip it was! I have finally been able to sit down for a moment and go through some of the photos from my recent European adventure! Rather than place them all into one humongous blog posting, I’ve decided to break them up into segments as they were traveled. First stop was a driect flight from Houston Intercontinental to Paris Charles De Gaulle. 

I chose to use a photobook setup to condense the photos into viewable portions. I might make the individual photos available as well so that they can all be viewed full size. Stay tuned and I will probably provide a link to them. 


Next stop, Florence! New blog posting will be up in a few days!


At the Houston airport, about to board our Lufthansa (yet somehow on a Continental jet?) flight. Our no-so-delicious air meal, loosely described as “chicken parmesan”.

Our view from the Hotel Mayet in Paris. Quite literally our “bedroom” with room for not much else. A tiny fan, about a foot in diameter that tried its hardest to get a breeze going. Valiant effort!

Deep in the “tubes” in Paris with Ashleigh and my dad, Rob. Ashleigh posing near the Eiffel tower, partially up in the low hanging clouds. 


A beautifilly crafted capuccino, one of many to be had. The doorknob on our hotel door, which I thought was interesting. Small treats at The Mariage, a very fancy tea room located inside the Louvre.

Paris on a cold, rainy day.

Ashleigh and I on a bridge overlooking the Seine. All those locks are from couples who place them there as a sign of good luck for their relationships. Ditto for a nearby tree, deeply etched with old love messages. The Eiffel tower surrounded by similar looking umbrellas in the Louvre plaza. 

Parisean symetry was abundant in the city. Awesome fall colors. 

Beautiful sunset on the Seine.

Our first glimpse of Notre Dame.

The Arc du Triomphe. Photos cannot do its sheer size justice…it is huge!

Great lines and patterns spotted while walking from the Arc.

Various shots of Ashleigh by her personal photographer, as I was come to be known.

Ashleigh, my dad and myself near the Eiffel Tower. 

Views from atop the Eiffel Tower. Amazing view of Paris from above!

The large plaza leading up to the Eiffel Tower. Ashleigh and I posing up top!

Ashleigh’s “JDM Pose” which was prevalent throughout the whole trip, and Ashleigh with one of the many street performers.

A midnight walk up to the Eiffel Tower produced this image.


More views of Paris.

And a video of the Eiffel tower, sparkling with thousands of strobes as we made a midnight walk right up to its base.