It had been a little while since my last studio session with Teddy, so I was excited to get the call from his parents about setting up another session for the little guy! Well, as I found out upon meeting them at Sam Houston Park, he’s not so little anymore! He’s now running around as fast as his legs can take him and talking up a storm. It’s so cool to see his personality take shape more and more each time we see each other.

This time he brought a few of his favorites, a harmonica, his favorite pink shirt, and of course, lollipops. For the most part, I elected to let him show me all his new things and just be himself. He is so great in front of the camera, a real natural! After wondering what I was looking at after each shot, he asked to see the camera and was surprised to see himself on it. After that, he requested to see the camera after most photos so that he could check himself out. It was all great fun!

With the light fading, we packed everything up and all headed our separate ways for home. It’s truly a great experience to be able to document Teddy’s young years, and I can’t wait to see where he is next!

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