1991 Ferrari F40 Shot by Theo-Graphics on BBC's Top Gear


I received exciting news a week or so ago that my photos of the 1991 Ferrari F40 had been featured on the BBC’s hit show Top Gear! The F40, which later sold at auction at Monterey for a staggering $715,000 gathered quite a bit of attention from the media due to its pristine condition and extremely low milage (4,600 miles!).

From Top Gear’s blurb on the car:

It’ll cost you about £460,000 to remove this from the poster on your childhood bedroom wall and put it in your garage. Which is pretty price to pay – the F40’s an undisputed champion of awesomeness, peddling 478hp from its 2,936cc DOHC twin-turbo V8. This one’s got 4,600 miles on the clock. We’d like to put on several more.

You can see the blog posting with all my photos of the F40 at the link below:


As a longtime fan of and as a Houston automotive photographer, it is a real honor to have my work posted on the blog of such a prestigious show as Top Gear. Seeing my work right under Jeremy Clarkson’s smug face is pretty thrilling for sure!

I’m looking forward to some exciting cars coming up, and I can only hope to find myself one day in the pages of Top Gear Magazine with the likes of other great automotive photographers!