Jul 10, 2017

Hi I’m Ashleigh, a Houston native who met my partner, Theo Civitello, 8 years ago. Ever since, we’ve been on an incredible journey together. We meet at the ripe ole age of 23 during one of the worst recessions our country has ever seen. We were both bright young graduates striving for those dream jobs we were promised our whole lives. Unfortunately,at least it seemed at the time, we both ended up taking restaurant jobs while wondering what to do with ourselves.

After about 2 years, we decided to move into together. I was organizing our new home when I found Theo’s photography portfolio from college. I looked through it and was amazed by how good the photos were. We had been together 2 years, and I had never seen Theo take a picture. Right away, I spoke to him and said,

you know these photos are really good, have you ever thought about becoming a photographer?

Theo explained to me that he had loved photography ever since his father took him Italy to explore his roots and lent him an Olympus 35mm camera, to document the trip.  He then said that while he loved photography, he never felt it was a viable career. I took this opportunity to push Theo towards his passion. I went on Craigslist and started finding small photography gigs and encouraged Theo to apply for them. Event after event, people began to hire Theo and rave about how they loved his photos and his incredible work ethic.

From here our lives began to change as we began to throw everything we had into developing Theo’s photography business.

It wasn’t easy, and we sure didn’t have any money for a while, but it has created an incredible life that we share.

We’ve met so many amazing people and have had the opportunity to travel to some incredible destinations. That’s why I have decided to start this blog. Along the way I plan to share inspiration on how to create and style your ideal photo session, whether it be engagements, fashion, bridal, or family. I’ll include tips and tricks to create and plan your wedding day, how to pack, what to wear, and where to go.

I also hope to share some everyday tidbits on things like quick and healthy meals, beauty routine, home decor, and of course Houston hot spots!

Thanks for reading,