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I always have fun shooting with the Young Money Motors team, so I was excited when they reached out to me about a new opportunity they had in New Orleans. They had just recently finished a custom job on a Ferrari F430 for Marcell Dareus of the Buffalo Bills and wanted me to come out and shoot it on location in New Orleans with Felecia, a model that they’d hired. I’m always looking for an excuse to head to New Orleans, so when the date came around, we hit the road!

There was a car show going on the day of the shoot, and we were able to use the location to our advantage. It was in an area of town surrounded by abandoned projects, and the current owner of the property allowed artists to come in and paint on all the surfaces of the remaining buildings. While most of the area was already taken by other cars when we arrived, we found an area underneath a tree with tires hanging from it that worked nicely.

The car itself is definitely an attention grabber. Appropriately named “Furrari” by the shop and Marcell, this car is wrapped from top to bottom in red velvet and finished with 20″ Savini Veneto brushed gold wheels. There is definitely no ignoring this car.

Thanks to Felecia for working through the cold, and to Zariane Nuñez for the makeup and touch ups along the way. Thanks to Fee Banks and Young Money Motors for the continued calls, it’s always great working with you guys!

A few iPhone shots from the weekend in New Orleans:

And a group shot of the whole crew doing “the Birdman” once we wrapped up for the day.

On to the photos!